Help one of the largest brands in the world improve and launch their new online sales training program for Apple Geniuses world-wide.

What They Needed

Tools to facilitate training of retail employees globally.

The orientation & training process for employees of new Apple stores was costly, inefficient, inconsistent, and time consuming. Apple wanted better tools to improve training of employees (Apple Geniuses) across their network of stores around the world.


Build a mobile application to simulate Apple’s retail systems.

We built a scalable mobile app that simulated Apple’s existing retail systems. We created training programs and processes to facilitate the training of Apple employees. We then launched the application successfully for initial implementation in more than 100 stores globally.


Reduced training costs and improved training of employees.

The new training application for Apple reduced the need for international travel required for training of new teams and launches of all new Apple stores internationally. Stores using the new application have helped onboard and train new staff on retail system processes 50% faster and with reduced costs.


+ 0 %
Orientation and training of
new staff more than 50% faster.
+ 9 +
Implemented in over 100
retail stores around the world.

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