End to End software solutions for startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies.


The education industry has been swept off by a digital transformation—advances in technology and infrastructure are reshaping how the curriculum is consumed.


Online and mobile applications for personal finance management, personalized services for buying/selling bitcoins, systems for microcrediting.


A set of software solutions for end-users, system integrators, manufacturers of equipment, and machinery. We develop software for creating robots from scratch, managing them, and introducing them into everyday life.


Digital transformation is meant for automotive manufacturing, connecting, and digitizing automotive operations (automotive ERP, ADAS, HMI, etc.)


Solutions for trucking, air and railway companies from data management systems (collection, processing, reporting) to complex business analysis and software for payment systems.


Sites and virtual shops, software tools for managing Internet sales, digitization (automation), and promotion and advertising and marketing campaigns (events).


Support for storage in terabytes, petabytes and more through the use of distributed computing technologies, data mining and simple statistics.


Digital campus platform, integrated e-learning systems, multimedia and/or webcast functionality.


Systems for monitoring and analyzing company data in various areas of its activities: from monitoring the operating condition of the equipment park to KPI and joint management decision-making.


Information and entertainment websites, mobile and VR applications in various areas: virtual museums, information retrieval systems of places for recreation and entertainment, specialized online messengers and multi-user planners, etc.


Applications (AR / Desktop / Mobile) for the planning and organization of art events: intelligent layout of exhibition expositions, modeling of fashion and art shows, creating a calendar of events, and notifying the target audience.



IT-solutions of various levels for the wholesale and retail trade: from online stores and CMS to POS systems and systems for face recognition (artificial intelligence).


Applications that allow you to create various models of building objects and engineering structures, create elements of the landscape and interior both at the level of professionals and at the level of amateurs.


Applications for travel agencies (maintaining a database of resorts, hotels, partners, tours, customers, accounting documentation and reporting, etc.) and users (search and comparison of tours, hotels, optimal prices, availability and cost of air tickets, etc.).


Trade logistics: Supply-chain management, stock and purchase order management, third-party ERP consulting and implementation, SRM, CRM.Solutions for transport logistics.


Web sites of sports clubs, applications to support the training process, calendars and planners of sports events both at the level of the region, and at the level of a separate sports club, etc.


Solutions for the telecom industry: Business Support System (BSS), Management Support System (MSS) and Operation Support System (OSS).


What Our Customers Are Saying

I feel like they’re a part of our team. I can’t say enough good things about them

Stella & DotSenior Vice President

"5 of 5 Stars. MW2 has done well with handling tight deadlines!"

James Free JewelersVP of Ecommerce

“When our e-commerce store experienced a huge jump in sales, MW2 Staffing was able to quickly fill various technology positions. Many of those people are still with us today, helping us take our store to the next level.”

GAPHuman Resources Manager

Project management is one of their true strengths—they’re masters at it


The team is organized and we’re always able to communicate with and contact them when needed

Consumer Goods CompanySenior Systems Analyst

We are now working almost one year with MW2, and due to this collaboration, we are able to bring significant software functions earlier to the market which results in higher number of customers that are willing to sign for our software solution.

DatabricksMonika, Senior Manager

Since 2020 we've been enjoying the services rendered by MW2 to implement a strategically important project on modernization of our customer facing corporate travel booking platform

TravelportNeil Markey, CIO Travelport

MW2 is able to implement new features faster than the internal team would be able to. Their team provides valuable recommendations. Their communication is effective and solution-oriented. They deliver high-quality results quickly.

Hewlett PackardMark Peterson, Director IT

MW2’s work met all expectations. The team was efficient, prompt, and on top of their project deliverables. Customers can expect an experienced team that offers an array of business services.

Palo Alto NetworksSteve Janeiro, Senior Director IT

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